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iLet aims to provide a quality property management experience with real value for money.

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New Year - Fresh Start






The moment I realised my career had to change, in support of my business * Light bulb moment * 

The industry I work in is quite manic; from turning over of tenants, dealing with new regulations, new legislation, the list is endless.  Some days I feel I am spending my free time catching up on admin, phone calls, advertising, new clients, etc.  There just does not seem to be enough hours in my working day.

Since I decided to start my business I have to be quite frank, my love for what I do hasn't change, but, my lifestyle has.  I now have a crazy, beautiful toddler to deal with.  As much as I would love to say I have found the career/child balance easy, I would be completely lying!  That is not to say I don't manage.  But what it does mean is that my priorities have changed and I have taken a look at my work-life and made some quite important, and well thought out decisions.

To explain;  my clients, new clients or tenants may or not be aware of this but, I actually run another business.  I have run the other business for the same amount of time I have run my own business (coming up for 7 years).  How I've managed?!  Hard work, supportive people around me and enthusiasm for what I do!  .. I think that pretty much sums up how I think I've managed. 

Specifically, over the past year I have realised that to give 100% focus to my own business and other ideas, I need to step back from the other business.  This isn't an easy decision for me because I helped build the other business from scratch; I've watched it grow, I've hired all the staff, and I feel I am lucky enough to have a special, honest relationship with the person I work for. However, sometimes in life you have to look at the bigger picture because what's more important than your life, and your health?!

So, from next year I plan on stepping away from the other business.  I plan to give more focus to my own business and have plans to get involved in some 'creative studies'.  I plan on finding the balance of running my business, looking after my child and making time for other areas of my life that I feel I could indulge in.   

Watch this space for some of my creativity . . . 





Article written by our business Owner Nykky Banks. 






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Testimonial One

iLet have been very efficient managers for my property, all issues have been resolved quickly and cost effectively. As a mainly foreign based landlord, I have full peace of mind with Nykky and iLet.

Jim Wright, Landlord 

Testimonial Two

We stayed over 100 miles from the flat we rented out and anytime tenants had problems or we needed to show prospective tenants around the apartment, there were obvious logistical problems.
I cannot recollect who put us on to Nykky at iLet but getting iLet to manage our property was a very wise decision and one which we have never regretted.  After experiencing their pro-active and highly efficient yet friendly attitude I am delighted with the service that iLet provides.  We were able to let out our property extremely quickly and Nykky kept us informed of all developments throughout the entire letting process.
If more management services conducted their business like iLet there would be fewer properties awaiting tenants.
I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Archie Gibb, Landlord, (30/03/2015)

Testimonial Three

Throughout the 3 years I rented a flat through iLet, I've received nothing but quality service. Nykky was especially quick to respond and very helpful whenever I sent her an email. I'd highly recommend iLet to anyone looking for a place to rent :)

Chye Hing Siaw , Tenant 

Testimonial Four

One of my best experiences of renting a flat - stellar service, very reasonable one-time admin fee, very responsive, and security deposit is kept with an independant agency...

Julius Nayak, Tenant